Geoffrey Hallam

Geoffrey HallamDr Louis Geoffrey Hallam is a graduate in History (London University) and Economics (University of Cambridge), UK. In a wide-ranging career, he has held executive positions in business and industry, local government, politics and public administration. He also has extensive teaching and research experience with universities in the UK, Finland, the USA and Australia.

Geoffrey is currently an Adviser to the Crime Academy, Metropolitan Police, UK and a conference organizer and speaker on international affairs.

Affirmation of support for GULL:

My career has enabled me to experience many different aspects of work and I am keen to support GULL because it espouses a philosophy that is open-minded enough to encompass learning from life and because GULL advocates an inclusive, practical and applied approach to learning. Although academia serves a purpose, it does not permeate all the places and possibilities for lifelong learning that individuals encounter in the community and at work. I believe that GULL has a key role to play in fostering linkages between the changing nature of work and professional development. In particular, I should like to applaud GULL’s efforts to provide access and opportunity to the low paid, the disadvantaged and the poorest. There is a significant global need to assist those without much choice or hope and GULL is doing this by utilizing action learning as it was originally intended by pioneers like Reg Revans.

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