Louis Grant

Louis GrantLouis A Grant, currently General Manager, Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica has been awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of his career-long professional attainments and his support to others. He is widely acclaimed as a ‘Hotelier’s hotelier’ and he has worked in the business for some 54 years. Many of his colleagues speak of his legendary ability to mentor and develop team members and managers so that they might achieve their full potential.

After a period as Sales Manager based in the Chicago office for the Jamaica Tourist Board, Louis become a hotel general manager in 1978 and since then, he has opened and managed numerous resorts. During his career with Sandals Resorts International he has been General Manager of Sandals Montego Bay and a Sandals property in St Lucia. He opened Sandals Dunn’s River in 1991 and he has been its General Manager since 1994.

Louis’ contribution to the development of the hospitality industry in Jamaica is reflected in numerous prizes and awards. He was the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association’s ‘Hotelier of the Year’ in 2007 and in 2008 he was honoured by the Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Jamaica in its Heroes’ Day awards for Meritorious Service to the Tourism Industry. As an Elder, Global University for Lifelong Learning, Louis plans to continue coaching and encouraging lifelong learning and professional development at his Resort.

Affirmation of support for GULL:

I have employed many young graduates over the years and sought to assist them to assimilate the realities of the industry. I have also coached and encouraged many more team members who did not have the opportunity to go to college or university. The hotel business is a challenging profession and it requires effort, discipline and a willingness to keep learning. I believe that GULL offers the best solution to career-long learning for hotel professionals. The GULL process of action learning can be integrated with a demanding work environment and as a General Manager, it gives me the tools to help, encourage and nurture all of my team members. Above all, it provides a credible way of recognizing the professional attainments of the many who strive day after day for excellence in customer service. GULL really is the best solution I have come across – finally, all my staff can go to school while they work and together, we can model and develop outstanding professionals now and for the future.

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