The Skills Academy

Professionalism is largely a function of on-going skills acquisition and development and so GULL also hosts a Skills Academy framework. The purpose of the Academy is to promote action learning as a method of acquiring and developing personal and professional skills in the context of lifelong learning. The Academy can be operationalized in any setting by GULL affiliated organizations or GULL's officers to provide local or regional meetings and networking opportunities, news and updates. It also provides an alternative, very practical skills development route to membership grades and their equivalent GULL awards. On attaining each grade, Skills Academy members can opt to receive the equivalent GULL award for a nominal fee.

Wherever a Skills Academy is organized by a GULL officer, annual membership fees are set at affordable local rates and these fees are solely determined and payable to the facilitating GULL officer. The names and photographs of all GULL's authorized officers are included in the ‘Officers’ section at the GULL website. The annual fee ensures that there are sufficient funds to organize Skills Academy meetings and provide a networking service to local/regional members. The grades and levels of membership are as follows:


The grades and levels of membership are as follows:

Affiliate (ASA) ASA Foundation levels 1-4 (Equivalent to GULL professional Bachelor levels 1-4)
ASA Intermediate levels 1-4 (Equivalent to GULL professional Master levels 1-4)
ASA Advanced levels 1-4 (Equivalent to GULL professional Doctor levels 1-4)
Member (MSA) Equivalent to GULL professional Bachelor level 5 - professional Bachelor degree
Fellow (FSA) Equivalent to GULL professional Master level 5 - professional Master degree
Companion (CSA) Equivalent to GULL professional Doctor level 5 - professional Doctor degree
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