Our goal is to secure State or Government level endorsement in every nation where GULL is supporting lifelong learning. This is so that GULL's global recognition has national identity in the form of a letter of support from an appropriate State, Government or Agency representative. The endorsement formats include: official letters, videographs, speeches and testimonials and also items from journals, magazines and newspapers. The main endorsement categories are: State & Government; Leaders and Institutions.

State & Government - Formal endorsement letters from Government Ministers and other State or Government officials
Leaders - Endorsements from organizational leaders, specialists and other expert sources
Institutions - Endorsements on behalf of organizations, including GULL system users

Statement of Recognition

The Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) is recognized in perpetuity by the State and Government of Papua New Guinea and the Statement of Recognition was signed on 10 April, 2007 by the Head of State, His Excellency Sir Paulias Matane and the Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare. GULL awards professional certificates, diplomas and degrees that are wholly linked to learning outcomes. This approach ensures that evidence of learning is realistic, practical and valuable to the learner and his or her employer and community.


Status of GULL

Global University for Lifelong Learning (C3541402 Global University Lifelong Learning Inc) is a non-profit public benefit corporation, headquartered in California, USA. GULL Inc., is the university’s awarding body and its official address is: Global University for Lifelong Learning 1160 BATTERY ST EAST STE 100 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94111


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