End of Year Highlights 2019

Features news (in sequence) from Laos, Papua New Guinea, Australia, South Africa, Northern Cyprus and Jamaica. The end of year highlights include significant developments in South Africa where a number of state universities are now deploying the GULL system to facilitate self-help in low income community townships. Currently, deployment is taking place at: Nelson Mandela University, North-West University, Stellenbosch University and the University of the Free State. The over-arching objective is to model an inclusive approach, using GULL’s system in parallel with their own academic frameworks to enable low income and marginalized groups to initiate their own, community-led change. | 10 December, 2019

End of Year Highlights 2018


Features news (in sequence) from Papua New Guinea, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and Bolivia. The end of year highlights include a unique celebration of the effectiveness of personal viability training at Bomana prison, Papua New Guinea, on-going projects with North-West University and the University of the Free State, South Africa, church and community mobilization training for experienced church leaders in Tanzania and GULL’s work with El Alfarero (who prepare graduates for youth ministry throughout Latin America) in Bolivia


Mid Year Highlights 2019


Features news (in sequence) from Kenya, Rwanda, Malaysia and the USA. The mid-year highlights include celebrations with the African Church and Community Mobilization (CCM) system in Kenya (now used widely throughout the African continent) and the 9th Annual Malaysian Graduation that took place on 12th May in Kuala Lumpur. The highlights also include details of four graduation events organized and hosted by the Eastern Division of Eurest Dining Services, a member of the world’s largest catering company (Compass Group Plc). Eurest’s work with GULL began in 2008 and our goal is to help facilitate career advancement for some of Eurest’s many hourly paid associates.


Mid Year Highlights - 2018


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Q4: Oct– Dec 2013


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Annual News Highlights - 2012


GULL Guatemala: Hope for Young Adults


Recognizing the impact of community volunteers


Facilitating urban and rural micro enterprise


South East Asia: Starting in China


A sustainable future? Island life after the gold mine


Community development in Sri Lanka


Partnering for quality education and learning outcomes


Celebrating work and community-based development


Exploring work and community-based applications


Cascading GULL to communities, Kenya


Community Mobilization Process, Tanzania


Transforming communities in Uganda


Community Mobilization Process, South Sudan

- News from 2011 -

Annual News Highlights - 2011


Personal Viability (PV) & GULL


Cascading the Samoan community partnership


GULL in World Vision Mexico


Eyuel Holistic Ministry (EHA) Ethiopia & GULL


Compassion International Qavah Workshop


World Vision International (WVI)


Counselling Pastoral Trust (CPT)


Celebrating community-based learning in Kenya


Partnering for Quality Education & Learning Outcomes


Providing development opportunities for community partners in Tijuana, Mexico


Celebrating community-based learning in Sri Lanka


The case for an inclusive framework for lifelong learning


Establishing action learning communities in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea


Engaging with the Samoan Community


Personal Viability in the Solomon Islands


GULL celebrations in South East Asia


Internalizing the GULL system at World Vision

- News from 2010 -

Annual News Highlights - 2010


Cascading GULL in the workplace and community


Cascading action learning to the community


Actioning Change in Brisbane


Inaugural CCMP-GULL Graduation Event in Sierra Leone


Tearfund in Tanzania & Graduation Event in Kenya


South East Asia


Sri Lanka Launch


Sandals Resorts International


Eurest Dining Services


Indonesia Inauguration of the King of Surakarta


GULL Think Tank


Inaugural PV-GULL graduation events


Community development in Nigeria, West Africa


World Vision & GULL, Haiti


Celebrating learning outcomes


Recognizing outcomes in the community: Kenya


Community development in Sri Lanka

- News from 2009 -

Annual News Highlights - 2009


World Vision: Education & Life Skills


Community-based action learning in Kenya


Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority


Sandals & Beaches Resorts - TCI


Sandals & Beaches Resorts - St Lucia


Sandals & Beaches Resorts - Jamaica


Sarawak - East Malaysia


Sandals Resorts International - Jamaica


Sandals - Jamaica & Beaches - TCI


Compassion International

- News from 2008 -

Annual News Highlights - 2008


Pacific Updates


PV-GULL Partnership


Working with Non Governmental Organisations


Eurest Dining Services (EDS) Mid Atlantic, USA


Social Enterprise in the Community - Malaysia


GULL Asia - Corporate Business School Launch


Sabah & Malaysia


Jamaica & Turks & Caicos Islands


GULL Asia - Malaysia

- News from 2007 -

Official GULL Launch: Friday 5 October, 2007

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