Mid Year Highlights 2022

Featuring updates from: Kenya, Jamaica, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the USA


Church and Community Mobilization, 27 February 22

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the African-authored church and community mobilization (CCM) process resumed in numerous African countries and in collaboration with the African Church and the UK agency Tearfund, GULL is delighted to recognize community-led progress at recent and forthcoming events in Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. CCM is effective because it is a gradual, step-by-step process that involves the entire community in self-directed change. GULL now provides digital certification for the widest inclusion at the lowest cost.


(Above left) Revd Morgan Kinyua presenting 23 Diploma level certificates to CCM practitioners in a remote area of Kenya

(Above right) CCM with GULL participants celebrate!




Eurest and the GULL program
Personal and professional development at work

Eurest has provided dining services to local, regional and national companies across the United States since 1996. Services include employee dining, on site catering, vending and executive dining rooms in every industry setting. Eurest and GULL began developing the GULL program in 2008 as Eastern Division President, Mark H Maloney felt that a practical, operations led action learning experience would enable hourly paid associates to develop themselves and advance in the company. In 2022, this 16 week programme was adopted by all four Eurest divisions (Eastern, Western, Southern divisions and National accounts) with seven online graduation events in February and seven more in June and July 2022. E xamples from these joyful events are featured in the next two slides.

Mark H. Maloney, Eurest Division President, Eastern States has been the GULL champion at Eurest for 14 years. Mark was convinced that a self directed action learning process would enable Eurest associates to expand their technical knowledge and develop their personal and professional skills. Thank you Mark!



(Right) Richard presented a GULL honorary award to Mark in recognition of his outstanding leadership on 12 July 2022 in Newark, USA




Personal and professional development at work

Claudia Salgado writes: Being part of the GULL program was a great experience, starting with the DISC test ( Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S, and Conscientiousness (C)) C)). It gave me insight on what my strengths and weaknesses are. I gained more knowledge of the finance aspect of the business, company culture, work safety, marketing, catering, retail, etc. With GULL, I gained more knowledge of what my job responsibilities as a leader entail. It was an eye opener and a great opportunity to discover all there is to know about how to live our Eurest promise. This also enabled me to change, improve and become a better leader and more able to make a difference in the lives of those around me.



(Above) Adrian Carrillo, one of many GULL program graduates in 2022 pictured with her graduation cap and gown and framed GULL certificate – all provided by Eurest in recognition of the GULL program outcomes.




Montego Bay, Sunday 10 July 2022

Norma Taylor, GULL National President, Jamaica, hosted a graduation event for several business leaders who had completed significant workplace projects in 2021/22. Arising from her work, Angella Ferguson has written a best selling book entitled ‘A Significant You’ that builds on her experience of lifelong action learning.


(Above left, left) Ibrahim Ajagunna, Acting President, Caribbean Maritime University, Jamaica is a champion and supporter of GULL’s work in Jamaica, pictured with Norma who has led GULL’s work in Jamaica since 2010 and Richard.

(Above right, left to right) Richard Teare, Doreen Bernard (Event Chair), Angella, Curtis Jones and Norma Taylor at the Unity of Montego Bay Worship Centre.



Wisma MCA Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur, 24 July 2022

Vincent Tang who is GULL’s Regional President, Asia was instrumental in securing an array of endorsements for GULL’s work in Malaysia in 2008/09 and in 2010, conceived and developed a partner network that has flourished in Malaysia.

After a pandemic related break of three years, it was a real privilege to return for the annual GULL award ceremony in Malaysia the largest yet with more than 400 guests.


(Above, left) Vincent and Richard prepare for the graduation

(Above right) Vincent gives his address at the event in both English and Chinese.




Annual GULL graduation, Kuala Lumpur, 24 July 2022

Over a period of more than a decade, Vincent Tang, GULL President, Asia has developed a large partner network of Malaysian Skill Centres. As Malaysia does not have an established Further Education sector, these Skill Centres provide vital technical preparation for a wide range of vocations. Additionally, via GULL the Skill Centre staff equip their students with action learning skills for on going personal and professional development. On 24 July, 129 Skill Centre with GULL students received their GULL awards (pictured below) and it is encouraging to know that all these young people secure jobs in their chosen field a wide range from mechanic to beauty therapist. Congratulations to all our partner Skill Centres and the Class of 2022!




GULL is a non-profit public benefit corporation registered in California, USA. GULL’s mandate to confer professional awards is based on a statement of recognition offered in perpetuity and signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea on 10 April 2007. GULL is also endorsed by other Governments, Leaders and Institutions.

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