Lifelong Action Learning

A journey of discovery and celebration at work and in the community

By Richard Teare

To mark GULL’s tenth anniversary year, co-founder Richard Teare published a book about workplace and community-based lifelong action learning. During the ten year period, GULL has supported initiatives in 55 countries and the book draws on Richard’s work prior to GULL’s launch and from 2007-2018 - with reference to some 50 examples.

The book poses this question: Why is it that in the 21st century the place where a person is born still determines their life chance? The book aims to explain and illustrate the transformational potential of self-directed lifelong learning. As one response, it also outlines how a systematic approach can be provided to those who are traditionally excluded  - the low paid, the marginalized and the millions of people who are living in poverty.

Part 1 covers key concepts; Part 2 focuses the workplace; Part 3 the community and Part 4, GULL networks.

The Amazon Kindle e-book version was published on Monday 5 February and the Amazon paperback version on Tuesday 6 February (Right).¬† For more details see: ‘Lifelong action learning’ by Richard Teare.

Amazon UK: Paperback / Kindle Edition

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