Francis Wamui Njoroge

Dr Francis Wamui Njoroge is Ambassador for Africa, Global University for Lifelong Learning. Francis is regarded by his peers as the foremost pioneer of church and community mobilization in the continent of Africa and he is a visionary leader and tireless campaigner for GULL throughout the Continent.

Francis was born in Kahuho in the Kikuyu region of Kenya and he trained as a science teacher at the Kenya Science Teachers College. He taught in Kianyaga and Karuri High schools from 1974-1981 and then joined World Vision Kenya (WVK). During the period from 1984-1994 he worked with more than 100 communities in Kenya, introducing them to the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP) – a powerful tool for enabling people to ‘read’ into their realities and transform their situation and circumstances. In 1991-92, he took study leave in the USA where he attained a Master’s degree in International Management.

Francis left WVK in November 1994 to establish his own consultancy practice and in this capacity he has worked extensively with Tearfund and many African church organizations. In this context, Dr Njoroge developed a widely acclaimed action learning process that empowers people to transform their own situation holistically, using their God-given resources. In recent years he has trained hundreds of facilitators in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, South Sudan, North Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad. There are remarkable outcomes in all these places as the local church awakens to fully serve its community.

Affirmation of support for GULL:

GULL presents a source of hope. I have been facilitating for Tearfund since 1997, and we have worked hard to perfect a church and community mobilization process (CCMP) so that it empowers the church to engage in integral mission in its immediate community. We have seen powerful results of impact - transformation in people’s lives, to the glory of God. I have focused on equipping the teams who will carry the process forward when I’m not there. We are seeing great results of passionate, self-driven teams that are causing amazing changes within the church and the community. It is for these teams that my heart cries. I long to keep them motivated, for they are doing great work and I know that GULL offers the solution. The potential for growth and expansion is so great I almost cannot imagine it.

What excites me most about GULL is the opportunity it affords to recognize the efforts of those who are creating change and impact. Typically this is driven by community members who do not have academic qualifications and yet GULL is affirming their God-given potential. Prior to this, many people had asked me if they would be eligible to receive a certificate in recognition of their sustained effort and at last came GULL to affirm those who are causing change in the community. I thank God for the great work that they continue to do and for the greater sense of confidence and professionalism that GULL is facilitating.

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