Samuel Tam

Samuel TamIn appreciation of Samuel Tam Senior who died on 11 July 2023. Sam had served as Regional President, Pacific Islands and was affectionately known in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as ‘Papa Sam’. Sam had helped grassroots people for 40 years and in 1994, he founded the ‘Personal Viability’ programme - an Innovative solution to poverty alleviation. Since then, thousands of people in all 20 provinces of PNG have been trained using the PV system. In 1981, Sam was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the community and in 2007, he was awarded the PNG Order of Logohu (OL) and the Cross of Solomon Islands (CSI), respectively, in further recognition of his services to the community. Richard Teare writes: Sam was a dear friend and he made an extraordinary contribution to personal development and entrepreneurship among low income and subsistence communities in Papua New Guinea and in other Pacific Islands. Thousands of Personal Viability participants benefited from his vision, passion, commitment and leadership and he will be remembered for his lasting contribution to social entrepreneurship.

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