Eduardo Smith

Eduardo SmithEduardo Smith is Network Leader, Latin America, Global University for Lifelong Learning.

Eduardo originally trained as an Oceanographer at the Marine Sciences Faculty, University of Baja California, Mexico. After graduating, he facilitated the development of both land and sea-based food production cooperatives drawing on sustainable practice in fishing, aquaculture and ocean resources management. He later played a national role in cooperative membership education and helped establish collaborative projects so that undergraduate and graduate students could work and learn alongside skilled fishermen. This development meant that the cooperative sector gained a better understanding of the value of science and provided academic researchers with practical fishing industry insights. Eduardo later worked in national adult education – initially as a community organizer and then as a Mexican state program director for adult literacy.

Eduardo has also worked in solar energy, where he designed, helped build, and promote thermal-electric solar generators. He has taught on this subject at the Mexican Congress Energy Commission, served as a personal advisor to the secretariat of the Commission, given lectures about renewable energy in Mexico and has written articles in magazines and newspapers on this subject. More recently he has developed learning resources for Latin America, and has participated in workshops in Mexico, Bolivia and Guatemala.

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