Tang Thien Ming

Tang Thien MingDato’ Dr Tang Thien Ming (Vincent) is Deputy President, Global University for Lifelong Learning and Regional President, Asia. Vincent is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Vincent has worked in education, public service, media and communications and business management. He has served as both a primary and high school teacher, a reporter and special features writer for the China Press and as Assistant Director, Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education, Malaysia. He has also worked in state and national government roles, notably as Private Secretary to the Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports and to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Government of Malaysia. In 2007, he became Managing Director, Maha Pacific Ltd. Vincent is also a quality inspector, external verifier and assessor for the City & Guilds Institute (UK) , international external verifier for the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) and a Master Trainer (coaching) for the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of Malaysia and he is also a fluent linguist (English, Bahasa Malaysian, Mandarin (Cantonese, Hakka dialects)). He is currently Chief Executive, C & G Consultancy, and Chairman, K Youth Development Centre, Malaysia.

Dato' Dr Tang received his PMC, PJK and Dato'ship (knighthood) in year 1991, 1998 and 2010 for services to the community and on 30 July 2010 he was appointed as Special Officer to HRH Sultan of Surakarta, Solo, Indonesia, and on 18 November 2010 appointed by the Sultanate Buayan, Philippines as Datu Maharajalela (Ambassador) representing the Royal household in Malaysia. Vincent is committed to advancing GULL’s mission to the workplace and the community throughout the South East Asia region.

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