Royal Highness KDYMM Sinuhun Paku Buwono XIII

Royal Highness KDYMM Sinuhun Paku Buwono XIIIOn 28 April, 2010, His Royal Highness KDYMM Sinuhun Paku Buwono XIII was inaugurated as GULL’s first Pro Chancellor. As the senior king of three kingdoms in Indonesia, his family have occupied the Palace of Surakarta, Hadiningrat, Solo since 1745. The King is a strong advocate of lifelong learning and he serves as GULL’s champion for Indonesia, particularly for the large numbers of people who have limited or no access to further and higher education.

In the early 20th century, Indonesia was divided into 350 greater and lesser kingdoms. Although Dutch imperialism had influenced this pattern, the political history of the archipelago over the centuries had been marked by the expansion and contraction of spheres of influence. The court of Surakarta Hadiningrat with its origins dating back to kingdoms of the 8th century, is located in central Java. This region which is one of the oldest and most powerful centres of power, now with a population of some 100 million people.

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